Beech Grove Cemetery

Corning, Ohio

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Beech Grove Cemetery is located on both sides of Township Road 435 outside Corning, Ohio (Monroe Township, Perry County). The coordinates are 39° 33' 34.94" N, 82° 7' 12.19" W.

Beech Grove Cemetery, also known as the Conn Church Cemetery, is still active. The oldest gravestones are located around the church, and most are in good condition. The church does an excellent job of maintaining it.

Beech Grove Cemetery is located down a narrow gravel road in the woods, far from any houses or businesses. Perhaps it's just because of the isolated location, but many believe the cemetery is haunted. There have been reports of glowing tombstones and apparitions in the cemetery, and some have even claimed to hear the sound of a church bell. However, there are no longer bells in the tower.

I first heard about Beech Grove Cemetery on July 16, 2004. Rusty Guisinger, a website visitor, told me about the cemetery and some of her creepy experiences there:

Beech Grove Cemetery is a pretty spooky place. Although I have never seen anything there, just pulling up to the place is freaky, and we all sense someone watching us. Sometimes you hear things, and I have been told that at night there is a strange mist that comes from the's surrounded by woods! Anyway, about three years ago, I was riding my 4 wheeler around the circular road, and and as I came through the cemetery in front of the church, I felt as if I was being watched from inside the church. Now my family being the caretakers, I got off and opened the door, looked in, and saw nothing. Got back on my ATV. And it died. Freaky. But I didn't want to spook myself, so I let it set a minute, tinkering around trying to keep my mind busy. I tried it again. After I got it started, I started to drive on and just as I went past the back side of the church, I got this "get the hell out of here now" feeling. So I laid on the throttle and hauled ass. I looked back, but didn't see anything. But I heard what sounded like a door slam. Now mind you, I was on a running ATV, and those are loud so I should not have been able to hear that sound. It could have been my mind playing tricks on me, but it's an interesting and spooky as hell place. I think its just the woods and the isolation of the place.

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