Maple Grove-Old Rome Cemetery

Baltimore, Ohio

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Maple Grove-Old Rome Cemetery is located near the intersection North Street and OH-158 in Baltimore, Ohio (Liberty Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 51' 9.66" N, 82° 36' 6.74" W.

Why is it called Old Rome? In 1828 Baltimore used to consist of three separate towns: New Market, Basil (which was supposed to be spelled "Basel" like the city in Switzerland - it's pronounced like the city, not the herb), and Rome City. In 1833 New Market and Rome City were incorporated and renamed Baltimore. Then in 1945 it was decided that Baltimore and Basil would be incorporated. They argued about the name of the new town for two years. They talked about calling the town "Baseball", which would be Basel and Baltimore's names combined. But in 1947 Basil lost, and the town kept the name of Baltimore. Also, I would like to note (thanks to Barbara) that the town of Baltimore reconsidered calling the town Baseball after Liberty Union High School's baseball team won the state championship in the early 1960's.

The front part of this cemetery, the side that borders State Route 158, is the newer section. In the back of the cemetery, and to the left of the mausoleum, is where you'll find the older graves that date back to the 1800's. This older part of the cemetery is known as the Old Rome Cemetery. There are a few fallen headstones, but for the most part this cemetery is in great shape, and it is very well maintained.

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