Fort Ancient State Memorial

Oregonia, Ohio

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Fort Ancient State Memorial is located on State Route 350 in Oregonia, Ohio. You can see the park hours on the Ohio Historical Society's Fort Ancient page.

There are over 18,000 feet of earthworks at Fort Ancient that were built over 2,000 years ago by the Hopewell Indians. It's very doubtful that the area was really used as a fort, but rather a ceremonial location for the tribe. Researchers believe that the mounds might have been used as an astrological clock. However, archeologists have recently dicovered artifacts that indicate humans were living inside the earthen walls of Fort Ancient. If humans were living within the walls, the idea of it being a ceremonial gathering place might not be entirely accurate.

The Ohio Historical Society has also built a very nice museum at Fort Ancient. There are lots of hands-on exhibits and information.

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  • Fort Ancient Hopewell Native American Earth Works

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