Abandoned Schoolhouse

Somerset, Ohio

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This abandoned schoolhouse is located beside Ream Cemetery on Township Road 121 outside Somerset, Ohio.

It is obvious that the schoolhouse has been abandoned for many years. All the windows have been broken out, and the front door is missing. There is nothing in the church besides broken boards, dust, and spider webs.

I received an e-mail from Mike S. in February 2008 with additional information about this schoolhouse:

I work with a resident of Somerset, and he has told me that the building has also been a one-room schoolhouse in addition to a church. I am not sure for how long it could have been a schoolhouse and also a church, but it has been abandonded for many years. This gentleman is in his mid 50's and he cannot ever recall the place being used for anything as long as he has been living in Somerset. He told me that many years ago, the blackboard was still somewhat attached to one of the walls of the building. I was there in September, and the first thing he asked me was 'Is the blackboard still up?' before I even gave any details. It would be interesting to know exactly when it was used for a church and schoolhouse, or at least one or the other!

Many thanks to Chip P. for telling me about this schoolhouse and Ream Cemetery, and for sending me terrific directions!

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