Athens Mental Health Center Cemetery #2
(The Ridges)

Athens, Ohio

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The Athens Mental Health Center Cemetery #2 (one of The Ridges mental health hospital cemeteries) is located off Dairy Lane in Athens, Ohio (Athens Township, Athens County). The coordinates are 39° 18' 54.67" N, 82° 7' 8.08" W. I found the cemetery (as well as the other two Ridges cemeteries) with the help of Tonee's EXCELLENT here to see her directions on the Eccentric Ohio website.

This is the most recent Ridges cemetery in terms of age. The gravestones in this cemetery are different than the ones in the other two Ridges cemeteries. The gravestones in the older two cemeteries only had patient numbers carved on them, while all of the gravestones in this cemetery have names, year of birth, and year of death. Both the last male and female patients who died at the hospital are buried at this cemetery: Male patient #1117 and female patient #847. Both died in 1972.

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