17 Hundred 90 Hotel

Savannah, Georgia

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The 17 Hundred 90 Hotel is located at 307 East President Street in Savannah, Georgia.

The 17 Hundred 90 Hotel is still in operation. It is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Anna Powers. There are a few versions of her story...

One story claims that Anna fell in love with a married sailor. Since he was married, it wasn't possible for them to be together. On the night his ship left Savannah, the story goes that she was watching its departure on the third floor balcony. She was so sad that she jumped to her death and fell on the brick courtyard below the balcony. Today her ghost is seen often at the hotel, mainly in room 204. She is very restless, and throws objects around.

Another version of the story goes like this: Anna Powers was a young Irish girl who was able to come to America by marrying a rich old man. She wasn't in love with this man though, and on the way to Savannah she met and fell in love with a sailor. They planned to run away together when the ship arrived. However, the captain of the ship was good friends with the man Anna was promised to. He told his friend about Anna's plans to run away with the sailor. When they arrived at Savannah, Anna's husband was waiting for her, and he took her back to the hotel room, away from her lover. Meanwhile, the captain of the ship planned to return to sea within the next few days, just to get the young sailor away from Anna. One evening Anna looked out her window and saw the ship leaving. She rushed up to the roof and saw the ship going farther and farther out to sea. She was so depressed about the young sailor leaving that she jumped to her death.

In July 2009 I received an e-mail from John Gordon regarding his stay at the 17 Hundred 90 Hotel:

My ex-wife and I stayed there, in Anna's room, in 1999. We would take 3 day trips around the Southeast, and they always included graveyards and/or haunted places. She is fascinated and scared by the possibility of ghosts. I am not a committed believer, but I am interested in old and abandoned places. Anyway, we got in just after dark on our first day of exploring Savannah, and she started talking about Anna. After about 10 minutes of talking, she got quiet (fairly unusual). I looked at her and she was visibly scared. When I asked her what was up, she said "every time I say that girl's name, the lights flicker." To me, flickering lights in an old building is of so little concern, I never noticed it. I said "Anna" several times, and nothing happened. She said it again and sure enough, the lights blinked. I was quite amused and asked her to repeat it several times over the next couple of minutes. The lights blinked every time she said "Anna." After the 4th or 5th time, she refused to say it again. Of course, despite her objections, I continued to say "Anna" maybe 40-50 times that night. The lights never flickered for me, nor did they the rest of our time there. It was not until we got back to Greenville, SC that she said the girl's name again.

I've got no explanation for it, except coincidence, but the odds of that are immense.

For more information about the hotel, please visit their official site: 17 Hundred 90 Hotel.

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