Camp Anderson Civil War Reenactment 2004

Baltimore, Ohio

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On April 23-25, 2004 there was another Civil War Reenactment of Camp Anderson at Smeck Historical Park/Farm in Baltimore, Ohio. Visitors were able to watch the soldiers go through training as well as watching normal day-to-day activities. It was a beautiful weekend, and there was a pretty good turnout!

The 17th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment was formed in April of 1861 in Fairfield County. Camp Anderson was first located in the county fairgrounds on the north side of Lancaster. Since the camp was located so close to the city the soldiers were able to get fresh food such as bread, bacon, beef, and potatoes. This helped keep the soldiers healthy and made it one of the better camps.

Camp Anderson did not stay in Ohio for long. After they had about 1000 recruits, the 17th was moved to West Virginia. While in West Virginia they found a Confederate recruiting station closing. They took over the station and guarded the railroads. Company A of the 17th OVI Regiment also served as General McClellan's personal body guards.

The majority of the men signed on to serve a ninety day enlistment. However, most of the men reenlisted for an additional three years and served until the Civil War ended in April of 1865.

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